Types of SEO

SEO can be classified in following categories
On Page SEO

It includes strategies to optimize an individual page on a website.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO techniques influence and relationship your website has with other websites.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO relates to non-content elements of your website.

On Page SEO

One of the most well known forms of search engine optimization is on page search engine optimization. That is something that you could bodily put on in your website like textual content, photographs or code. It includes strategies to optimize an man or woman web page on a internet site. These elements (all of that are mentioned on this on-page search engine optimization tick list) assist search engines recognize the topic of the content and see that the website is a precious source that human beings could need to discover.


We in brief referred to keywords but they’re the powerhouse of search engine optimization. With out them, seo wouldn’t exist so it’s crucial to ensure you understand what they’re before you do whatever.

H1 Tag

The own family of “H” tags are acknowledged for his or her ability to style textual content but they are also used to expose search engines like google what is essential on the page and create hierarchy thru different types of search engine optimization.


Much like every web page has an H1 tag they also get a name in addition to a meta description. The identify appears in Google like this:


Your meta description is next, positioned simply beneath your title. This is an extended explanation of what your page is about. It need to be among 160-three hundred characters.


From time to time people bypass over those thinking that they’re not as important. Think again. Even though humans can bodily see the images on your web site and know what they may be, search engines like google can’t.

Off Page SEO

Off page search engine optimization includes running a blog, backlinking, and inner linking. Blogging is vital to seo. It offers your site greater high high-quality content material for search engines like google and yahoo to move slowly. It could increase the variety of website site visitors in addition to enhance your rankings if you recognise what you’re doing. If you don’t, happily we have a team for that too.

off page seo

It consists of strategies to construct a internet site’s popularity and authority. Those elements help search engines see that a website is a super seek result due to the fact it’s far from a reputable, reliable, relied on source.

Maximum off-website seo relates to excessive–satisfactory backlinks. A large quantity of links pointing on your web page from applicable, authoritative web sites shows engines like google that your web page is treasured and set up. You may benefit those trust alerts through a diffusion of hyperlink constructing and guest posting processes.

Technical SEO

It consists of techniques to improve a website’s backend shape and foundation. Technical seo improves a website’s clarity (which makes it clean for serps to crawl and understand the website) and gives a terrific consumer enjoy, which allows engines like google see that the website online is excessive high-quality. A very good consumer experience is likewise essential for readers, and can have an effect on usual traffic and engagement costs.

Website speed

Page speed is defined as the length of time it takes to display all the content on a specific page or the length of time it takes for a browser to receive a web server’s first byte. Though similar, page speed is not the same as site speed.

Responsive Design

Responsive websites are designed to paintings on any size display and device, from the largest desktops to the smallest smartphones. As opposed to developing distinct layouts to healthy unique sizes and resolutions, responsive websites take a look at the dimensions of the tool and modify themselves mechanically to in shape.

Structured data

Based information, additionally known as schema markup, is a type of code that makes it less difficult for search engines to crawl, organize, and display your content. Structured statistics communicates to engines like google what your statistics means.

Site architecture

Internet site architecture refers to the manner we structure a website to make certain we meet our enterprise desires while handing over a tremendous revel in for our users.