Most Popular Programming Languages

The development of new programming languages in the last few decades has focused a lot on developer experience . Some languages have been developed to solve particular problems in programming ( PHP and SASS , for example ) , to manipulate certain types of systems ( SQL ) , or to run in a particular environment or platform ( Java and JavaScript ) .

A number of languages have been developed for the purpose of helping newcomers learn programming ( BASIC and Scratch are classic examples ) . One of the best programming language to ever walk the console of open source developers , Java is still relevant to the community like it was decades ago .

Since its emergence in the early 90s , Java has retained its position as one of the most popular programming languages , and for good reasons . The JVM(Java Virtual Machine ) paradigm employed in Java makes sure any software written with this language will run on virtually every system . With one of the largest developer community , Java is undoubtedly going to retain its position as one of the top programming languages for years to come .

Till date , it is one of the most popular application programming languages and if you want to learn Java , then J course is a good place to start with . Dr. James Arthur Gosling has invented Java and best known as the father of the Java programming language .

Java was developed and supported earlier by Sun Microsystem and now by Oracle , after their acquisition of Sun Microsystem in January 2010.Java is created with mission WORA , aWrite Once Run Anywherea and platform independence of Java is one of the pillars of its success in the enterprise world .

Till date , it is one of the most popular application programming languages and if you want to learn Java , then J ava Fundamentals : The Java Language course is a good place to start with .

As per StackOverflow survey 2019 , C happens to be the 4th most dreaded programming language . The C programming language is the 8th most active on GitHub , a position it has maintained for two years straight .
In fact , the TIOBE Index awardrd C as the most popular programming language for 2019 .
Today , we will discuss the most popular programming language on Stack Overflow .

We have analyzed a few past surveys by Stackoverflow and figured out which are the trending programming languages among developers and anyone needs to learn these languages to accelerate a career . So if you are the one who is thinking of learning new programming languages , then this article is for you . Newer projects are evolving every day , and not every one of them is based on the most popular programming languages .

Contemporary languages such as Go , Scala , and Rust are employed heavily by many programming aficionados to create a new development paradigm . Many such projects have been successful enough to draw more attention to new programming languages . PERL or Perl is yet another language that came from the 80s and still rolls as one of the most popular programming languages 2019 .

It borrows the leading features of some other languages , such as C and BASIC , and creates something new . It is also purposed for general use that develops along with the rest of the languages , and the combination makes it one of the most dynamic languages in the industry .

PERL accounts for all the changes that happen in other languages to appear as a fully compatible one with other popular coding languages . Different languages are used for different things , which means that your career choice will guide your choice in a programming language .

Harder languages are best left to people who already have at least some programming knowledge .
It is important to realize that different programming languages are more in demand in certain parts of the world . So this concludes the list of the most popular programming languages you should learn in 2019 . I hope the programming languages rating in this article helps you choose the right language career path based on your interests and the type of software development you would like to indulge in .

Since each language has its pros and cons , take your time in weighing each option and choose accordingly . More importantly , make sure you hold a good command over the language you choose for programming . A favorite among programming language learners throughout the world , Python arguably tops the list of the most used programming languages to learn to code .

It is taught in schools , and many introductory programming courses teach it because of its simplicity .
Although it was developed in the 1990s , Python has been slowly rising the Tiobe Index for years .
Python is another very versatile language which is used for all sorts of things . Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages today and is an easy language for beginners to learn because of its readability .

It is a popular programming language for Machine Learning and deep learning applications . Python is used to develop 2D imaging and 3D animation packages like Blender , Inkscape , and Autodesk . Haskell is among other latest programming languages that have been experiencing rapid growth in programming language popularity .

The language is statically typed with taking a more declarative approach to programming modern day applications . Haskell is loosely based on Miranda , one of the first computer programming languages to take lazy functional approach . Coders with little or zero experience can use Swift Playgrounds to learn the language , experiment with complex codes , and work on native iOS and macOS apps . Swift is the premiere coding language that helps developers create iOS apps within a short time .

The programming language opens several opportunities for new programmers , allowing them to make it big in the world of app development .